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9 Masks of Fire - Our Review of this Slot

They say we all wear masks in life despite not knowing it, although in online slots CA, like 9 Masks of Fire, that statement can be considered literally.

This 5 reel by 20 pay line slot is an African-themed game, one that you can spin from as little as 20p all the way up to $60 on all devices! 9 Masks of Fire is a Microgaming property, which should tell you a lot right off the bat. Learn more about 9 Masks of Fire below! 

About the Developer - Microgaming - 9 Masks of Fire Casino Slot

Microgaming is a very big name in the online slot games industry, one could make an argument that they are one of the very best today given the quality of the games they produce! These guys have been making games since the ’90s, games that all offer something different depending on what it is you’re playing/spinning — slots like 9 Masks of Fire are some of the best they offer, trust us! 

There certainly isn’t anything small about this developer that’s for sure! Each year they put out nothing but top quality online content for hundreds upon thousands of punters to enjoy. Be sure to check out some of the following slots to keep the good times rolling people:

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About the 9 Masks of Fire Game/Bonus Features 

9 Masks of Fire is amonst the best slots offering a religious experience in a sense, think about it, where else can you find a slot that is educational yet cultural at the same time — not to mention fortuitous! The bright and bold colours utilised here are incredibly striking and the soundtrack here is incredibly rhythmic that will have you up and dancing before you know it, trust us. 

Symbols in 9 Masks of Fire are quite varied compared to other slots in a similar lane. Low-value symbols are present here, taking the shape of various fruit/letter-like icons. High-value symbols found here in 9 Masks of Fire should be considered the desired effect is given their penchant for randomness and the value they possess when matched in winning paylines. 

The diamond symbol here is the wild icon, matching this symbol will cause certain icons on the board to be substituted, replaced by masked scatters. We should mention that finding up to five wilds on a pay line will net you 125x your payout! If you can find the scatters that the wilds leave behind then you’ll earn free spins in return — free spins are incredibly valuable in that they come with active multipliers! 

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Final Review of the 9 Masks of Fire Slot

Microgaming has always had a knack of crafting fantastic slots with plenty to see and do in them. 9 Masks of Fire is a perfect slot machine in our opinion, offering punters plenty of bonus features and enticing visuals with every spin spun!

9 Masks of Fire succeeds where most slots fail, grabbing your attention and holding onto it with every spin. Play 9 Masks of Fire today and start earning!

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